Deep Faith Nine 1.19 Duet

Dr Tamsin Paige Joins the Podcast once again to explore the theologies of atonement, pacifism and justification. The episode Duet is inspired by real life events in war crime tribunals and gives us a snap shot of sociological pop culture archeology.

Inspired by the movie/play “The man in the Glass Booth” released in 1975 this episode explores the role of Law in post war crimes tribunals. The story “Duets” cuts to the heart of the paradigm220px-Manintheglassbooth of justice and revenge and further deepens the journey that Major Kira takes to transform from freedom fighter to community leader.

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Dr Paige and Odd Rev (2)
Dr Paige and Odd Rev

Everything That I Learnt About Security Theatre I Learnt From the Zombie Apocalypse

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