Deep Faith Nine 3.19 Through the looking Glass

Lindsay Cullen beams across from the Delta Quadrant to explore the mirror universe where we explore the perceived relationships between deviance and evil. Cultural Intervention gets discussed as does some of the great plot holes in time travel and dimensional travel.

We also talk through the responsibility political systems have when they encounter difffering systems and they ways in which power can be used to subvert on nation to the image of another.

As promised I have linked the Ziggy Ramo clip ” from little thing big things grow.”

It speaks of The Doctrine of Discovery written in 1493 by the then leader of the Christian Church Pope Alexander the VI which was used by the Monarchs of Europe to take possession of  any lands discovered as long as they were not under the Dominion of any Christian Rulers. From this document the world has seen the invasion and disregard of so many of the earth’s nations and cultures as well as the systematic dis-empowerment of first peoples and the rise of white privilege bases on religious doctrine.

In our context this Doctrine of the Church is the basis on which this land now called Australia was declared Terra Nullius and hides the war waged on this continent against the 500+ nations that lived here before the arrival of Captain Cook leaving these nations defeated dis-empowered and invisible.

Some might say that was a long time ago and we should move on even though there are Hymns from our Australian Hymn Book and Together in Song that are as old as this Doctrine, we have not moved on from them. In many ways as a nation, we have not moved on for as recently as September 2007 Australia was one of only 4 nations on the planet who voted against a Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples which had been advocated for by Indigenous peoples and was worked on for more than 20 years before it was adopted (Miller, Ruru, Behrendt and Lindberg, 2014).

Racial profiling, racist humour and degrading stereotypes are still part of our culture and media. Deaths in custody still occur without explanation and the gap between first and second peoples is still so very wide.

From little things big things grow sing in 1993 Kelly and Carmody and again with Ramo today and they remind us again today  More than a word. Reconciliation takes action .

How did you feel when you saw Ziggy singing his song in the clip above?

How can you take seriously our history both visible and invisible and seek to right so many past wrongs?

What actions might you take this year to move towards reconciliation?

Miller, R., Ruru, J., Behrendt, L. and Lindberg, T., 2014. Discovering Indigenous Lands. Oxford: OUP Oxford.

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