Deep faith nine 2.19 The Marquis Insider Edition

Part 2 of the Marquis as insider Niall McKay joins us for a truly geeky look at the political and social landscape of the Bajoran sector of space. The unstable treaty between the United Federation and the Cardassian Union is tested with the rise of the Marquis resistance and long time friends Ben Sisko and Cal Hudson is torn by the politics of it. This pivotal two part episode sets up not only the start of the Voyager series but the complexity of the war to come with the Dominion.

Lots of cool Easter eggs thins this week as we approach the end of season two and the exciting beginning of voyager coming up in only a few episodes. A great foreshadowing of the Marquis crew members Chakotay and Bellana Torres as future voyager cast members by portraying characters like them in the resistance.

An unspoken explanation of the acceptance of Vulcan in the Marquis is given so very logically through the casting of Bertila Damas as Sakonna. Her role in acquiring two hundred photon torpedoes and a dozen pulse cannons for the resistance group allows Tuvok’s acceptance into the resistance group. It is also revealed in the novel Disavowed that Sakonna is a member of Section 31, which makes her even more like the infiltrator role of Tuvok.

Lindsay Cullen and I are looking forward to starting production of a new pod cast Theological Voyagers in late January 2021 and have already begin production meetings and design.

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