Deep Faith Nine 2.23 Tribunal

The theater and special of Law explored this court room drama episode of DS9. Dr Tamsin Paige joins us for an exploration of fear and the theology of Law.
Dystopia and utopia are also covered as well as the relationship between Zombies and terrorism. There is even a trip to the dark side with a Star Wars reference.

Tamsin has an amazing gift of engaging science fiction as metaphor as seen in this latest paper on zombies.

In this episode we are about to see the stark contrast between the Carrdassian Legal system and that of our own, however as we unpack this contrast we come face to face with the disturbing truth that there are also points of similarity when it comes to spectacle and theater in our own legal system and society. We also explore the dual nature of dystopia and utopia when it comes to insiders and outsiders in the church.

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