Deep Faith Nine3.21 The Die Is Cast

Michelle’s Identity cube

Epic Fan of the podcast Michelle Coffman beams aboard today we explore having a live audience of Patreon supports listen in like Tal Shiar spies. Loyalty, family, gender and fandom all get unpacked in this episode.

During the Podcast Michelle shows off a cube she made that represent the aspects of her identity which we have included here for you to see. It can be a very helpful reflection tool to explore different ways of representing the aspects of our self in this way

Sev Trek Comic Strip

Also mentioned in this episode was a fun series of fandom comics called Sev Trek. This is just one of so many examples of the ways fans have explored the content of Star Trek beyond watching the show.

There is a creativity in that allows fans to become more than just spectators and instead become immersed in an alternate universe of imaginative engagement that informs the context in which we live and breath.

Reality and fantasy intertwine as the parable of interaction beings to allow exploration of our universe in ways often unthinkable in our day to day journey.

thank you to all the fans who make this possible for Deep Faith Nine and the other NeveroddoreveN podcasts.

Please feel very welcome express your fandom here as you comment and follow this page and podcast!

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