Mission in the Virtual World: Azeroth Uniting

In 2004 the video computer gamer company Blizzard released the massive multiplayer online (MMO), it was a ground-breaking online experience that allowed for fantasy game play and social community. I started playing on day one having been a big fan of other Blizzard titles such as Warcraft and Star Craft. During the past 15 years I have made friends online as we complete quests together some of whom I have met in real life. The communities worked together to overcome challenges and problems and formed into guilds for communication. Players could complete individual quests or form into parties of 5 for group missions, and even at the highest levels get into groups of 10-40 adventures.

At its peak the World of Warcraft hosted 12 million people across its many servers from all over the world. The question I began asking some years ago is with so many people gathering in this virtual space is there a way that faith development and expression can be part of online the world?

In 2019 we have access to social media, Twitch streaming, and YouTube as well as broad choice of audio voice over internet software to support community and interaction around online games.

I have begun researching opportunities for faith exploration in this rich landscape.

I am looking for people who are interested in exploring these possibilities with me.

If you want to better understand the game and its history you can click HERE.

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