The Moon Knight Experience S1 E0 Background Stories

Meet the team of the Moon Knight Experience, hear first hand the journey of Rev Dr John Squires and The Praxis System as they have lived with dissociative Identity disorder. In this prologue episode we will talk candidly and authentically about life with DID as well as what we can expect from the Disney+ series “Moon Knight” with all of its high fantasy and sci-fi action. It is recommended that you watch each episode before listening the corresponding podcast and the team welcome any questions you have which can be posted on or the blog page.

Moon Knight was originally published as a comic in the Marvel universe in 1975 and follows the life or lives of a super hero with Dissociative Identity Disorder who is also the avatar of KhonShu the Egyptian god of the moon.

Should you need any of the content is this podcast be triggering for you here are some helpful links:

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  1. Such a privilege to listen to this, and lots of thoughts and feelings. I’m working through complex trauma myself, and it’s origins and presence now are as you might think, complex. I love fantasy and watched Moon Knight when it landed. I’ll try to go on with you in revisiting…no promises though, but I’d like to. Thanks all of you ❤️

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