DS9 and the Prophetic Word

 “There is one thing I don’t understand; how could they have let things get so bad?”
                                         “That’s a good question, Doctor. I wish I had an answer.”
                                                                             Doctor Bashir said to Benjamin Sisko
                                                                             DS9 S3 E11 Past tense

In 1995  the an episode of Deep Space Nine  season 3 called Past Tense was released in two parts. During an unusual transporter accident  Ben Sisko, Julian Bashir  and Jadzia Dax are sent back in time to our near future, 2024 ( much nearer to us now both in time and circumstance). They find themselves in the midst of the “Bell Riots ” named for Gabriel Bell who looses/lost (don’t you love time travel!) sparking a shift in social responses to poverty, race and health.

While Ben and Julian find themselves in the dumping ground for poverty called the sanctuary, Jadzia is supported by a member of the wealthy elite and discovers just how much danger her friends are as history plays out.

Today we find ourselves in 2020, a mere 4 years before this future historical narrative and are already able to glimpse this possible future unfolding before us as we see the widening  gap between the haves and the have nots. Opinion and division a inflaming social and other medias and people are lining up on sides. We post #alllivesmatter  as a response to #blacklivesmatter  and seek out the articles and news reports that  support our current perspectives and fears.

How did we let things get so bad? why are we allowing so many deaths in custody? why are so many people killed by their family?


Perhaps the answer is just too simple… we have stopped listening to each other and we have stopped listening to Love! 1 John 4:18 says “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” Even if it is your view that this is quote from a fictitious book inspired by an imaginary god it is hard to argue the case that there is not something meaningful here to explore.

I would invite you to explore your response  and ask if it is motivated by love or fear. Consider how you might be able to reflect on your own views and ideology and how you might be able to listen to the other.

Have a look at this two part episode, even if Sci-fi and star trek are not your thing. Consider  the ways ion which this narrative might help to inform your reflections on Love and fear.

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