My Hero…Ned Leeds! the guy in the chair

For the past few days I have been in my chair at my desk talking through the process of hooking into online platforms such as Discord, Zoom and G mail. I have become the back up “guy in the chair”  for heroes as they seek to push the boundaries of their experience and the limits of their expertise.

The term “guy in the chair” was used in the movie Spider-man Homecoming by character Ned Leeds played by Jacob Batalon . It refers to the person (who could be of any gender) who provides support information85225668_611253679437302_1895760343540432896_n to a hero overcoming obstacles in the perilous pursuit of achievement. This person is out of sight, behind the scenes and absolutely essential to the safe completion of the quest.

Last Tuesday I was the guy in the chair to my bible study group  on Job 8, as we moved from face to face meeting to online meeting in Zoom each in our own space. As this was a younger and more tech savvy group I was able to send the Zoom URL link through the  Facebook messenger groups we already had to co-ordinate who was bringing dinner.

Zoom Bible Study 17/3/20

At about 6pm each member clicked on the ZOOM link and the program downloaded for them and they appeared in the room. there was a measure of excitement as each appeared and we had a great discussion group over the next hour and a half.

Last night I sent out an email to every member of the Church I am Minister to  and let each person know that they could click on a link and the Zoom meeting would be open from 10-11 am in the morning . This morning  I waited, like the guy in the chair, hoping that that these heroes would face the obstacles in their path, setting aside the doubts and fears that might hold them back and appear in the Zoom meeting. One by one they did, each with a look of proud achievement on their faces .

For so many these virtual spaces are foreign countries with culture and language to confound and frighten  the newcomer. My advice to you if you know how to navigate these virtual places is to be the person in the Chair. If this is all new to you and you need help dont be afraid to ask for some one you know to be in the chair as you face this new challenge.

For now the best place for me is to be the “guy in the chair” just like the Amazing Ned from Spider-man.



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  1. I am loving that lots of digital platforms are waiving fees to make stuff accessible. Museums, orchestras, libraries, plus zoom and others – lots of people sharing the love in this time of corona.

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