Starting with a Name

Never odd or even is a palindrome. A palindrome is word, phrase, number, or other sequence of characters which reads the same backward or forward, such as madam or kayak.

poised with opportunity

I have chosen it as my blog name because this pattern of letters appeals to me. I love the way the phrase is the same going in as it is coming out, a mirroring of one side to the other neatly balanced. But for me there is another layer of complexity. The phrase is a paradox of absolute indefinite flexibility; it resists being classified as either odd or even like a dice poised with opportunity. We can not know what will happen next, do we win or lose? Is it good or bad?

Whatever happens next may not be of your choosing but how we respond is,regardless of what happens next!

In these ramblings, I will explore games, film, literature, spirituality and theology not from a place of authority or truth but of playfulness, possibility and pondering.

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