No Rain – Blind Melon

I just want someone to say to me, oh
I’ll always be there when you wake, yeah
You know I’d like to keep my cheeks dry today
So stay with me and I’ll have it made

Blind Melon

I recall in 1992 when i first heard the song No Rain by Blind Melon on the radio that was was caught up in its catching rhythm and funky sound, I was gardening at the time working for a high priced landscaping company building shrubberies for CEO’s with too much money and no time. This upbeat sad song about the rejection risk of imaginative expression lifted me out of my zombie like work ethic funk and set me dreaming about how I might boldly express myself, was my life just about conforming to known ways and surrendering to the acceptable norms of the loud voices? When I saw the film clip I was inspired even further, a small child in a bee costume giving all their passion to a performance who is laughed at. The Bee child feeling that no one understands and feeling totally alone moves out into the world and seeks others who will appreciate the gift and finally breaks out into the field and finds a whole community off Bee dancers.

I could no longer be satisfied with going through the motions of life under the structure or systems and left me job and set out into the world.

Today I am struck by the parallel between the story told through this song and it’s film clip and the parable of the great banquet in Luke 14:15-24 where the invitation to come to the party is declined by people who have better things to do and so the doors are thrown open to any and all.

What are you passions? have you traded your passions for safety? are you looking for other Bees?

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  1. I really like this song but had never seen the film clip.
    I love the lyricism of the third line, too.
    I don’t necessarily need extra bees in my life, but I would love some time to just dance on the hill in the sun or moonshine.

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