Variants meeting in the Space/Time Continuum

I was invited by poet, podcaster and parent Will Small this week to be a guest on his podcast Spiritual Misfits and during the course of the conversation he playfully suggested that I might be a future Variant of him who had come from his future!

There has been so much imaginative conjecture about what it might mean for the universe to cross our own time line and what the consequences of such interactions not only for us personally but for generations to come. Regardless as to whether we are Rose Tyler or Marty McFly the takes of knowing to much about our own future or interfering without past is fraught existential with danger.

As excited as I am about time travel it also makes me anxious when I think about the mess we make of our choices in linear time, I can only imagine how crazy things could become if we were to have the possibility of going back in time to change or forward to peek at consequences.

Is there destiny or choice? It seems that going back in time to kill Sarah Conner will only bring about the birth of the freedom fighter because it triggers Kyle Reese to go back in time to become his father. The more we seek to change the futures by meddling with the past we create it with a temporal loop of choices and destiny. Perhaps both destiny and choice can sit in tension with each other.

With all this in mind I answered Will’s questions playfully and some what carefully. check out this weeks Spiritual Misfits Podcast to find out! while your at it have a listen to our Loki Sacred Time line Podcast.

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