Star Trek Voyager: A theological Journey 1.00 The Beginning

The first episode in a new series exploring faith and fiction through Star Trek Voyager. Hosts Elizabeth Raine, Lindsay Cullen and Will Nicholas talk through the premise of the series as well as the range of characters of this exilic castaway journey to find a way home from the Delta Quadrant.

Theme by: Jerry Goldsmith
Arranged and performed by: Tommy Jaime

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  1. A nice start.
    On the matter of gender stereotypes in Doctor Who, I would contend that the Doctor’s played by Peter Davison, David Tennant, and Matt Smith were deeply relationally-centred incarnations. Jodie Whittaker’s incarnation has been probably more intentional in terms of language using the word ‘family’ to describe the relationship between her and her cohort of companions.

    Speaking of doctors, Robert Picardo’s Doctor is an interesting continuation of exploring the nature of being human. It seems to me that the crew is what pushes the Doctor towards becoming more human. In part because in their more vulnerable moments they seek a healer with better bedside manner who understands them better. Ironically it is Kes (a non-human) who is the prime-mentor in the Doctor’s journey of growth. However, what is interesting is the significance of ‘The Doctor’ and ‘Seven of Nine’ in her journey to understand her own humanity and the recognition of all that she has experienced. She now confronts the consequences of all these past things and isolation after the loss of connection with the Borg Collective. She has to rapidly learn to cope with her individual vulnerability and the irony that being human is to be lonely, yearning for connection with others.

  2. Thanks Dean, The Doctors from the Whovian universe certainly have displayed a wide range of genders from the Man of Action Pertwee to the mysteries of McCoy. I really enjoy finding al the faces in each incarnation of regeneration.

    I cant wait to explore the EMH in greater depth as the stories unfold and Seven of Nine although a long way off will be a great narrative to unpack.

    glad you enjoyed our first and hope that there will be more delights to come.


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