Voyager a Theological Journey 1.14 Faces

Ethics, morality and placing a good face on a difficult situation all feature in this weeks episode as the Vidiians seek to carve up our recording with technical difficulties.

We also take a moment to remember Lt Peter James Durst Born 14th September 2338 in Brooklyn, New York Durst graduated from Star Fleet Academy in 2366 and was assigned to the USS Saratoga but was unable to take up the post due it its destruction at the battle of wolf 259. Durst was assigned to the utopia Planitia shipyards as operations security while waiting for another posting and became involved in the construction of the voyager. After the voyager’s completion Durst applied for a posting on the new voyager starship and was promoted to Lieutenant. Lt Peter Durst was killed in the line of duty by the Vidiians on star date 48784.2 while helping his voyager crew-mates escape capture.

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