A time and a place…

In 2019 I was in the city of Berlin with a friend. We had just come from the Essen Spiel International Table Top games Conference in the week before and decided to hang out in Germany’s capital for a few days. We met for a coffee and took a walking tour of the City taking in the sights and sounds of a place with so much history. It seemed surreal as we freely moved from east to west and back again, catching trains that once rattled through cold war ghost stations and and bomb scared bridges.

I stayed in a hotel in the former East Berlin and stood in Paris Square as  music played by the Brandenburg Gate. It always amazes me that time and space intersect in different points across history, as a prisoner to linear time I often wonder what it would be like to be free of such chronological bonds and wander through time.

fight capitalism (2)
Fight Capitalism, Berlin 2019

On this day such an event occurred so subtlety that the its monumental obscurity almost escaped the notice of our glimpse. As we hurdled along the Tracks of the U-Bahn we look up at the window and saw the graffiti on the window of the train door, “Fight Capitalism” it said in bright pink letters, My friend and I laughed at the depth of meaning those two words held in such as place as this  when suddenly we realised that we had stopped at the station named after Rosa Luxembourg. It was as if we had arrived at a convergence of time, space and meaning, I quickly jumped up with my phone to capture the moment as the pink graffiti aligned with the station name.

I have always been fascinated by travel in time and relative dimensions in space (see what I did there, oh NVM), the ability to observe the relevance of the meaning in moments as they intersect with significant points in time and space. The best time traveling machine I have right now is my imagination until the Doctor in a blue box or a frosty Delorian break into my life.

I hope you enjoyed the story of this tearing of the fabric of time and space and would love to hear if you have similar experiences. Please feel free to comment, like and subscribe.


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