Coup by Indie games

Game: Coup by Indie Games 

Players: 2-6

Mode: In Person or Tabletop Simulator                  

Game Time: 15-20 mins

This exciting futuristic feudal struggle between regal multinational CEO’s promises to keep you on your toes as you seek to be the last one standing. Using your wits and guile you will try and bluff your opponents into thinking you have the right combination of political power while trying to read your friends motives as they seek to do the same.

Do not fear of you want to play this game straight laced and honest you can do that as well, I have seen many a goodie two shoes  take out the prize through sheer strategy, diplomacy and planning.

Coup is a fast-moving game that allows you to take risks and explore possible combinations knowing that if you fail the game will be over quickly and you can renter very soon. It is also and exciting game to watch when you are out as you see the beads of sweat on your friends faces trying to bluff and counter bluff each other.

Level ups: The opportunity for +1 resilience and +1 forgiveness in this game, as you will experience betrayal, deception, and manipulation. The Game is high risk with a low time input so it can be a great opportunity for skilling up in confidence and decision making.

If you are one of those players (yup I’m guilty) who might carry a grudge from one game to the next this can be a great game to practice letting that go and treating each new game as a fresh start because of the quick turnaround for each game.

This game works awesomely around a table each person with their card kept close to their chest eyeing each other suspiciously, it works just as well on Steams Tabletop Simulator for an ISO online experience with many very effective workshops in the DLC.

Odd Rev  Seeking Deus ex Machina

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