Deep Space Nine 2.21 Crossover

A great episode this week where we encounter the first of the “Mirror Universe” Star Trek episodes in the Post Kirk era. Parallel universes, self love and Federation History are all on the table today as Lindsay Cullen joins us for the episode Crossover.

The Mirror universe first appeared in the TOS episode Mirror, Mirror during which Captain Kirk slipped across into a universe where the Terran Empire had aggressively risen to power because of an transporter accident caused by an Ion storm in 2267.

The Idea of parallel universes is one of the unproved inspiring ideas in science that provides science fiction to play with. Imagine if each action you took opened up a new universe where the actions consequences played out in a new time line of events.

Many movies novels and TV series have explored this idea such as Sliding Doors, Ground Hog day and the edge of tomorrow just to name a few. When we add in time travel or any other ability to affect probable outcomes the concept’s complexity increases exponentially.

Theologically these ideas intersect with the ideas of predestination, free will and choice. The construct of God must be beyond time as time is part of creation and for God to be bound by time would remove omnipotence and omniscience and create dependence. From a Christian perspective the incarnation of God through Christ allows God to both exist inside of time and out side of time simultaneously.

Don’t try to think about this too much! i hope you enjoy the episode.

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