The cost of diversity

I am certainly one who celebrates the richness of diversity, I love to consume the full range of ethnic foods and my ears are excited by the musical sounds influenced by far away lands. New and fresh perspectives given from differing cultural heritage have so many times provided unique ways to solve problems, puzzles and enigmas. I would not trade such gifts for anything, but with so many opportunities there is a cost.

I recall being awestruck as a teen as I watched the fourth installment of the Star Trek movie franchise  “the journey home” ( I can feel the eye roll from the non sci-fi)reader, stay with me) the good doctor Lenard Mcoy  is asking the recently resurrected Mr Spock about his insights on death and the possibility of an afterlife. I can still recall  the familiar alien’s all the logical response, “it would be impossible to discuss the matter without a common frame of reference”.

Live long and Prosper

A common frame of reference. A set of images and language familiar to all parties that can be used to map and locate our place in a particular scenario. We all need something familiar to even begin to connect with or engage in the stories around us. There is a discomfort that follows this lack of common reference. We can find that encountering new things will make us feel awkward and unsure. Nothing comes without effort but for the cost of a little discomfort the wonders of diversity await.

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