Introducing is a virtual space that allows for spacial interactions for media, small groups and presentations. It created a micro universe that you can edit and customize to allow links to web pages and even other Topia worlds.

Video about

As you move around the virtual world you can see and hear others who are there as well as any media they may be watching at the time.

I have made a short video which you can see the the right here that shows just some of the features of as you can see there are a lot of possibles here for virtual gatherings, meetings and even festivals. This stage new features are being added to the platform every day, there is very active desktop and user community.

Strengths is extremely customizable allowing for creators upload their own artwork, images and media content to build the world. It is also very usable for no arty types like me with a large number of pre-made images and scenes. The creator interface is very intuitive and it did not take me long to create a basic world that I could add too.

Getting your community to your world is easy as you can create a hyperlink which you can send out to your community and security depending on your needs with passwords etc. Any user who has been able to enter a zoom chat should have little trouble adjusting to this platform, there is no requirement for sign ups or accounts even though this is also possible for regular users.

It is possible to like from youtube, vimeo and twitch even allowing live streamed events from various sources to be picked up by users in the world. Some of the embedding is a little glitchy at this stage but this will improve with further development


creators will have to work through settings to make this a safe place as it is a perpetual world there is no way to control interactions between people when you are not there. It is possible set up so that all people can see and hear each other in the world at all times but this does defeat the purpose of the small group functions.

There is limited access for devices such as smart phones and tablets but it is still possible to move around and talk to people in the world. I imagine that as an evolving platform further work will be done here.


I am excited by the possibilities here for a community gathering hub. it allows guests to move around with agency, to interact with each other and with media as they choose. The potential for small group and plenary opportunities in a virtual space is unlike anything I have seen as yet!

if you want to explore the world i am playing with drop me line in the comments and I will shot you a link.

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